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Our happy customers

"PAYMILL offers a highly modern interface which can be integrated easily. Our #1 choice for credit card payments!"
Andreas Kraus
"With PAYMILL we have found a real long-term partner! Accepting credit card payments has become a must-have as the most used payment method!"
Denis Delic
“PAYMILL's API was easy to integrate and makes the customer experience seamless.”
Carl Hörberg
CEO, 84codes AB
"I chose PAYMILL as my website's payment gateway solution based on it's smooth integration into my existing site. It works beautifully, making visitors feel a sense of quality and security in the payment process. Furthermore, the subscription plans are fully flexible and adjustable to my needs. On top of a great product, the people at PayMill are exceptionally helpful every step of the way: pre-, during, and post-implementation. Thank you guys!"
Parham Mirshahpanah
"The integration of PAYMILL has been a real win for us as a merchant. The backend is pretty clear and intuitive compared to other solutions. The support is very fast and the technical implementation was really smooth. The conditions are good – I can strongly recommend PAYMILL."
Karsten Knorr
Managing Director,
“PAYMILL has a lot in common with SOFORT AG: PAYMILL allows a quick and stress-free integration of popular payment methods into online shops. In this process, PAYMILL benefits from the easy functionality of SOFORT Banking. Currently, more than 25,000 eCommerce shops are using SOFORT Banking in ten countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland , Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Poland). We are pleased to support PAYMILL and their merchants in their future expansion course.”
Luca G. Giannone
Head of Sales Financial Services, SOFORT AG
PAYMILL Unite offers our customers accepting online payments easier than ever before.
Sebastian Sieber
“We wanted our customers to feel confident that their details were being handled securely, without compromising the interaction flow by redirecting them to a third-party website. Like PAYMILL we put developers first but don't alienate human beings, so if we can do as good a job as they do, we'll be a PAYMILL partner for a very long time!“
Mark Steadman
Co-Founder Nymbol
“Along with ChargeBee's EU VAT feature and integration with PAYMILL, European subscription businesses can now start accepting payments in just a few days. With PAYMILL's no monthly fee structure along with their super-fast account setup and great support staff all bundled into one great package, we couldn't be more happier to partner with them and serve our Europe customers.”
Krish Subramanian
CEO chargebee
"PAYMILL’s support is incredibly helpful. Open for feedback any time and super-fast."
Florian Dorfbauer
CEO Usersnap
"PAYMILL really makes it way easier to process credit card payments. Fast to integrate, easy to handle, fair pricing and competent support."
David Skodawessely
CMO of Moema Espresso Republic
"Accepting credit card payments in a secure and easy way - these were the reasons why we decided to implement PAYMILL at the beginning of this year. That's exactly what we got! Huge thanks for the fast responsiveness to service enquiries. That's exactly what an e-business partner should be like!"
Christian Maas
Managing Director
"The integration of PAYMILL is a breeze thanks to its API. Furthermore the fast and personal support of PAYMILL fully convinced us."
Karsten F. Serra
CEO freelance factory
"Finally there is a service which offers the possibility to accept credit card payments as well as direct debit without having issues with PCI compliance. And the best: PAYMILL is very easy to integrate."
Thomas Schaaf
Founder komola GmbH
"PAYMILL's API was very easy to integrate and the Onboarding process quite fast. The team offers amazing support - we can highly recommend PAYMILL to anyone looking for a top-notch payment solution!"
Liam Gooding
CEO and Co-founder of Virally
"We were very impressed by PAYMILL's commitment to enabling us to go live as simply and quickly as possible. The high standard of support that we received was a critical factor in our successful launch."
Hass Chapman
Co-founder and CEO of TORCH
"PAYMILL was very straightforward to get going with minimal amount of work from my end. The support along the way was very encouraging, albeit probably not even needed given the simple, straightforward setup procedure."
Stephen Walder
Managing Director of The Gift Oasis
"Integration easy, Support reliable."
Markus Doits
Geschäftsführer Stellenticket GmbH
"PAYMILL enabled us to implement a secure online card payment solution with minimum hassle. With their speedy setup process, API and great support; from sign up, to integration to receiving live payments took less than three days."
Colin Wilson
Co-Founder and CEO of QunuX
"While looking for a payment service provider we preferred a fast, uncomplicated and safe solution for the clients of Prestige-Tickets. Then we discovered PAYMILL and found a great solution without compromising on anything."
Dominique Winter
Inhaber Prestige Tickets
"The integration of the PAYMILL API was fast, easy, and cheap. Thank you for the responsive support. Especially for a start-up like us using software which has been developed internally we are always eager to keep our fix costs as low as possible and the credit card processing easy and safe to handle."
Carsten Dreseler
Gründer and Geschäftsführer
"PAYMILL is very easy and fast to integrate into your online shop and the service team is always there to help with any kind of questions."
Ines Weimer
Geschäftsführerin musicfox
"PAYMILL enabled us to integrate a system to accept subscription based payments very rapidly. We were able to start testing the integration immediately which enabled us to go live only a few days later. Their service was very responsive and exemplary."
Emmanuel Bellity
Founder and CEO of Heycrowd
"We are thrilled by the ease of PAYMILL’s solution. Clearly presented, legally secure, individually customizable and fast to work with. Exactly what I was looking for!"
Michael Best
Geschäftsführer Global IP Telecommunications Ltd.
"PAYMILL has simplified our payments processing, yet still provides us with all the powerful functionality and the fact that you can get it all up and running in a matter of minutes is just amazing! (...) Really great product, recommend to all!"
Marcin Rosinski
"We are super happy with PAYMILL. The integration was super fast and the user interface is really easy."
Andreas Muscheid
Geschäftsführer at Fashion Locals GmbH
"PAYMILL is a payment service provider which is outperforming all others in terms of reliability, stability, quality, trust and professional service."
Kai Schöps
"We decided to use PAYMILL as one of their first clients. We were immediately convinced by the easy technical integration as well as the brilliant service. I can highly recommend PAYMILL."
Maximilian Kimmel
"When we heard about PAYMILL’s availability in Austria the decision had been made fairly quickly. The integration was fast and easy."
Thomas Defner
Photograph and Inhaber Defner Photo Verlag
"Before we discovered PAYMILL we were in week 6 of setting up our account with another service provider. Within several days from signing up with PAYMILL, we had integrated our application with their system and our account had been activated. We were amazed."
Alex Hughes
Crecom CEO
"The integration is a breeze, it's very easy to use and understand and the API is clean and straightforward . It really takes a whole lot of problems out of the developer's way, and I would recommend PAYMILL without hesitation.
Keep up the good work!"
Gonzalo Míguez
"We choose to work with PAYMILL as they offer powerful API to make online payment integration easy and seamless. For European companies PAYMILL also have the fastest and most straightforward way to activate your account and actually start to accept payments online."
Maris Dagis
founder and CEO of Sellfy
"PAYMILL offers a very clear solution and is easily integrable in one’s own website. If a problem appears the fast and friendly support is really helpful."
Steffen Horstmann
Leiter Marketing & Organisation
"We used PAYMILL to implement our payment gateway and have had an excellent experience with them. You guys have been helpful, quick to respond and reliable."
Nicholas Pilkington
"Finally we have a good payment gateway in Europe which you can easily integrate inside your application."
Alberto Molpeceres
CTO of
"The implementation of the PAYMILL API was extremely fast and the PAYMILL team were (and still are) very helpful."
Oliver Dlouhý
CEO of
"The implementation of PAYMILL into our App was amazingly easy and unproblematic."
Stefan Landrock
CEO of
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