Application Process

General Questions

How can I apply?

Applying at PAYMILL is quite easy! Whether you are interested in a position already advertised at PAYMILL or would like to apply proactively, please submit your application in English or German to us via email to .

Can I also apply when I’m not from Germany?

Of course! We have colleagues from many different nations and our product is used across Europe. 

In what language shall I apply?

You can either apply in English or German. Please note: All professional communication is in English at PAYMILL. Therefore it’s absolutely necessary to be able to communicate (spoken and written) well in English. In addition, for some localization-related positions, we may require you to be fluent in other languages.

I’m a student – what possibilities do I have to work at PAYMILL?

PAYMILL offers 3-6 month paid full-time internships and some “working student” positions. Please submit your application as early as possible before your desired starting date. We also offer excellent starting positions for recent graduates.

How should the application look like?

Your application should consist of a CV and a personal cover letter. It needs to describe what qualifications you have and what you could bring to the team. Of course we want to get to know you and what your motivation is. 

Please tell us what you are looking for and what expectations you have of the role. We also love to see references, certificates and other proof of your experience. In addition we would like to know your earliest possible start date and your salary expectations. Please make sure, you send your attachments as PDFs, ideally within one document.

What application method is recommended?

We recommend submitting an email application.

Interview-Specific Questions

I got a positive feedback and am invited for an interview. How does the process look like?

If we find you matching the position, we will invite you to an interview. Different departments vary in their recruitment process; however, usually we require a phone or Skype interview before a face-to-face interviews take place. This is necessary to get to know you, to answer any questions you have and to figure out if you and PAYMILL fit well together. We believe it is not only an important decision for us, but also for you as you have to decide whether you’d like to achieve the same goals as we do.

What are the next steps after the interview?

Following the last interview, we will discuss internally and decide. We will review the interviews and also give you the opportunity to review if PAYMILL fits with your goals and expectations. After a few days we provide each other with feedback. Your recruiter will follow up with you and explain the next steps. If we decide to move forward we are generally very fast in making an offer. As soon as you have been offered a role and we agree upon the contract terms, we’d like to welcome you to the PAYMILL team! 

Who will conduct the interview?

Your first interview will usually be with one of our recruiters. The next steps are interviews with the Management Team, your future colleagues and the team lead. The number of interviews will vary, depending on the position you apply for.

How long will the personal interview take?

We will discuss this with you before or on your interview day, as it depends on the position. You can expect up to four 45 to 60 minute interviews.

What can I do to prepare for my interviews?

In general, be yourself! We are looking for people who are excited and want to conquer the world of online payments with us. What really makes the difference is whether you can contribute to the team spirit and the company development. If you have a fancy hobby – let us know. If you fight for animal protection in your free time – we’d love to hear about it. If you are a die-hard metal-fan - tell us. Whatever defines you, whatever makes you a driven person, whatever lets our company grow and what you like to learn, we’re interested in it.