Payment Module

Wordpress payments: PAYMILL provides safe transactions

The Wordpress payment method

Wordpress payments and PAYMILL provide merchants with an attractive offer at a very affordable price. It is as easy as anything to integrate the module into an e-commerce shop when you are a merchant, as well as it is a child’s play for customers to use it when they need to process a payment. You will have the ability to propose various means of payment to your clientele without having to invest a lot if you choose the Wordpress payment methods with PAYMILL (And notably the online payment solution). And at the same time, you can benefit from affordable prices because you will only be charged for the money transfers that will be 100% completed. Otherwise, thanks to the Wordpress payment module, cancelled or interrupted transactions are not something you will have to pay for.

The Wordpress payment is easy to set up

Technical advantages of the Wordpress payment module are numerous. Indeed, the installation of this module is basic and quite fast; moreover it is possible to personalize the interface according to your preferences and your needs. And to make it easier for you, PAYMILL proposes many different API libraries, extensions and plug-ins on its website so that you can use them for free. Just to be sure, you also have the possibility to make a free test before you go live and start receiving payments for real through the Wordpress payment method.