Payment Module

Shopware payments

Shopware payments: the guarantee of safe transactions

Shopware payments by PAYMILL can allow you and your customers to process financial transactions online without any problem, at affordable prices and can adjust to your personal needs and criteria. Online credit card payment is possible at any moment for the buyer and is very simple to process thanks to the Shopware payment module. Needless to precise that PAYMILL respect the implemented safety norms and guarantees safe money transfers for those using the Shopware payment method.

Credit card payment without trouble thanks to Shopware payment

The Shopware payment module and PAYMILL give the opportunity of processing online credit card payments without additional charges and at affordable prices. In the past it was nearly impossible, and this is the reason why only a few e-commerce websites could afford to propose this mean of payment to their clientele. Shopware payment methods by PAYMILL are aware of the current safety norms that are to be respected (PCI-DSS). There was a time when merchants had to take care of the application of these measures themselves, but today, the Shopware payment method takes care of that for them and safety is included in the services.