Secure payment systems: PAYMILL is one of the best


A secure online payment system: PAYMILL

The secure online payment system PAYMILL is a reliable and efficient provider that you can trust. Safe transactions are guaranteed with PAYMILL. It is indeed one of the most important aspects when talking about the online payment solution because using your bank account information on the internet can be risky. Hackers are constantly trying to get access to confidential transfers in order to steal information and to use them for their own benefits. Thanks to the secure payment system PAYMILL, this will never happen to you. PAYMILL works with the best security programs and makes sure that merchants can receive payments without any trouble. The PCI-DSS process is used during each transaction and data are encrypted and secured during transfers. As a secure payment system, PAYMILL will please both merchants and clients by providing safe payment processing.

Secure payment system PAYMILL and high quality services

As a secure payment system, PAYMILL takes very seriously members' and customer's satisfaction. If customers are satisfied with a secure payment system in place, they will buy more, and sellers will be pleased. PAYMILL supports merchants through each step of the setup process and is easily reachable during the week. There are two customer services location, one in Munich and another one in London. Our personal support will answer any question you might have from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Mondays to Fridays. When calling PAYMILL's customer support, merchants can get more details or simply ask a question if they have any doubt about the API installation or the contractual process. PAYMILL highly focuses on quality of services because this is one of the most important steps for a secure payment system.

PAYMILL, a secure payment system which is fast to integrate

In order to be able to receive credit card payments on a website using the secure payment system PAYMILL, merchants need to install a module on their online shop which is called rest API. This module is quite simple to integrate so e-sellers won’t have any difficulty to understand how it works. Once the PAYMILL API is integrated into the online shop, merchants can start receiving credit card payments. On the other side, buyers will as well find the module very easy to use. Once buyers have made their decision on what they are going to buy, they just have to choose the mean of payment they want to use and the secure payment system PAYMILL will take care of the rest. Buyers won’t be redirected to another payment page or to PAYMILL’s website.

From the buyers’ point of view, it seems that the payment is being processed directly on the seller’s website. In reality, the transaction data is transferred to PAYMILL’s website and is processed on a secured platform.

Most of the other payment providers can be more complicated to understand and to use, but PAYMILL’s asset is the simplicity. Processing payments online is risky and it is not simple if you operate on your own that is why PAYMILL is making things easy for its members, as well as worldwide customers. If you choose PAYMILL as your secure payment system for your online shop, you will for sure satisfy your clientele and, therefore, increase sales.