PAYMILL Secure Payment System

The PAYMILL secure payment system allows merchants and buyers to exchange payments and goods with minimal risk of fraudulent transactions.

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Ensuring Your Security

Even with advancing technology, the majority of devices that use the Internet are still susceptible to hacking. PAYMILL’S secure payment system significantly reduces the threat of inappropriate transactions and all payments are carefully monitored.

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PAYMILL’s secure payment system provides the highest level of security through data encryption. By constantly updating and verifying our encryption algorithms and security certificates, we can ensure that all information is completely protected.

Fraud Checks

Every transaction will be carefully verified. Transactions will be cross-referenced against global blacklists and validated through bank identification numbers (BIN). Although card processors do their part in checking transactions, we also conduct our own industry standard checks for reassurance. You may also report suspected fraudulent activities to our support team.

Compliance to Industry Standards

We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) on industry standard levels of security for the storage, process and transmission of cardholder information. We make sure that your transaction and payment data is secured. Our certification with the PCI DSS includes consistent audits by a qualified security assessor who is also accredited by MasterCard and Visa.

Fraud Prevention Features

We provide additional protective features provided by MasterCard and Visa. Our 3-D secure service allows your customers to designate a username and password to their cards to prevent fraud. This will also offer an assurance that the customers are the actual cardholders. This will also spare our members from frauds and chargebacks.

PAYMILL will ensure that you feel at ease

Most of the other payment providers can be more complicated to understand and to use, but PAYMILL’s asset is the simplicity. Processing payments online is risky and it is not simple if you operate on your own that is why PAYMILL is making things easy for its members, as well as worldwide customers. If you choose PAYMILL as your secure payment system for your online shop, you will for sure satisfy your clientele and, therefore, increase sales.

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