Secure payment services thanks to PAYMILL

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A fast integration of secure payment services with PAYMILL

Secure payment services provided by PAYMILL are very easy to integrate. Indeed sellers only need to registry on the website and to give the information that is required about the business. Then, PAYMILL will do what is necessary for them to be able to accept credit card payments. First of all, to be able to benefit from secure payment services, it is necessary to have a merchant account and to be PCI-DSS compliant.

 PAYMILL allows any vendor to get a merchant account. It is much easier to obtain one with the payment service provider than to go to your bank because there you will be asked about details concerning your financial history and current financial situation. Banks will need more information and more guarantees to provide your business with this specific account. Secure payment services with PAYMILL are the easiest way to receive hassle-free credit card payments.

PAYMILL provides secure payment services worldwide

Secure payment services are essential when you have an online shop and you are selling online. Merchants need to satisfy their customers and to provide them with diverse payment methods. The online payment solution is often chosen and this is the reason why it is important to offer high quality and secure services in this field. To increase your sales, you have to think about internationalizing by reaching foreign clients. Thanks to PAYMILL, secure payment services are available in many different countries, such as the United Kingdom, Denmark or even Hungary. Buyers from 35 countries can decide to purchase on your website and it is as well possible to use around 100 different currencies to process a payment. When you receive money from abroad, PAYMILL uses the exact same conditions as for national transfers, and that is to say you benefit from safety and efficiency.

Choose PAYMILL and secure payment services for you online shop

Another important aspect in terms of online payment is the security of transactions. Paying or receiving money online involves many risks. Hackers are often stealing confidential information during transactions. So, if you want to avoid the worst case scenario, PAYMILL is the way to go. Secure payment services are guaranteed by the payment gateway through the different security processes that are being used. PAYMILL is naturally respecting the current safety standards in force, and especially the PCI-DSS process.

Because of all the advantages PAYMILL can provide you, you should as a merchant opt for secure payment services with the payment gateway. Moreover, you will benefit from a unique privilege: the price. Indeed, using PAYMILL you won’t be charged if a transaction fails or if it is cancelled. You will only pay 0,28€ and 2,95% per transfer if you successfully receive money. Now that you know how simple and profitable it is to choose PAYMILL as a secure payment service provider, don’t hesitate to register now.