Secure payment services thanks to PAYMILL

Paymill offers an easy-to-use, secure payment service that can protect buyers, sellers and online merchants from fraudulent debit and credit card transactions.

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Secure payment service protection from PAYMILL

Fraud Checks

The service protection carefully checks every transaction on the global blacklists to ensure the authenticity, validity and integrity of the user before it is accepted by the card processors.

3-D Secure

Also referred to as Payer Authentication, it is a process that can help prevent fraudulent online credit and debit card transactions. It involves the seller, the acquirer, the card issuer and the customer.

Data Encryption

Paymill uses the HTTPS (256-bit protection) and SSL certificates (4096-bit keys) that are built under the highest security and data protection standards to protect your privacy.

Secure Payment Service Standard

One way to gain the trust of online customers is to avail a secure payment service. Paymill provides highly secured payment services to ensure worry-free and fraud-free transactions. For the security of payment card data, all companies that accept card payments need to comply with this standard. As of today, Paymill has been certified as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), Level 2 compliant.

Payment Methods for Secure Payment Services

  •   Credit Cards
  •   Debit Cards
  •   PayPal
  •   SEPA Direct Debit (for German merchants)

Advantages of Paymill Security Payments Services

  •       A fast integration of secure payment services
  •       Global secure payment services
  •       Worry free transactions
  •       Safe from fraud
  •       Safe data

Paymill’s Secure Payment Services

  • Merchants should register to Paymill’s website
  • Merchants need to complete the activation form and documentation
  • Merchants should be PCI-DSS compliant

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