Ruby Wrapper payments: easy installation

Ruby Wrapper payments

Thanks to the Ruby Wrapper payments and as an online shop owner you have the possibility to offer your clientele a high quality customer service. The ability to process payments quickly and without any difficulty and the careful respect of safety measures that are in force are the most important aspects of the Ruby Wrapper payment method. Fees concerning transfers are only requested when a transaction is successfully achieved. Indeed, with the Ruby Wrapper payment method you only pay when you earn money.

Credit card payment with PAYMILL and Ruby Wrapper payments

A few years ago, buyers had rarely the opportunity to choose the credit card payment solution when they wanted to purchase something on the internet. Indeed it was far too expensive for e-sellers to propose this mean of payment, and the safety of transactions was not even guaranteed. Moreover, this solution was quite complicated to set up and to understand. PAYMILL and the Ruby Wrapper payment methods are providing buyers and sellers with the highest level of security in terms of financial transactions. The credit card payment procedure happens fast and without involving any additional stage, which is even more reassuring for the buyer. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the Ruby Wrapper payment method and the payment provider PAYMILL.