Payment Module

PrestaShop payments

PrestaShop payments: customers are pleased

PrestaShop payments present an easy solution to process financial transactions without any difficulty, quickly, and at reasonable prices. The credit card payment solution is one of the main advantages of this PrestaShop payment method, and that is the reason why PAYMILL is focusing on respecting carefully the safety standards that are currently in force. The e-seller can also benefit from affordable prices because only the transactions that are successfully achieved are in the end invoiced. Otherwise, with the PrestaShop payment method, the seller does not have to pay anything.

Simple use of PrestaShop payments

As far as he is concerned, the customer will also find another interesting advantage, which is the simplicity of use of this PrestaShop payment module. He can pay online via credit card without any difficulty and, above all he can process payments safely. He will be even more trustful because the process is very fast and does not require any additional stage. The integration of this PrestaShop payment module into your online shop is very easy and does not require a lot of money.