PHP Wrapper payments: use and advantages

PHP Wrapper payments

PHP Wrapper payments and PAYMILL are offering a modern mean of payment that e-sellers will integrate without any difficulty. However, sellers are not the only ones that can benefit from this solution; indeed buyers can also find advantages. Indeed from now on, they have the possibility to pay via credit card on their favorite online Shops thanks to the PHP Wrapper payment method. Safety standards are carefully respected when financial transactions are processed. The e-buyer can benefit from very attractive prices because if he chooses the PHP Wrapper payment module, he will only pay for the transactions that are successfully achieved, and not for the ones aborted or interrupted by the buyer.

Easy integration of the PHP Wrapper payment module

PHP Wrapper payment methods can be integrated into your online Shop very easily and quickly. In order to simplify even more this installation, a list of different plug-ins, extensions and API libraries are available on PAYMILL's website. You can access them and download them for free and thus personalize your interface as you wish. Even your customers will be pleased by the simplicity of use of this method. Moreover, as an online Shop owner, you have the possibility to realized a test for free before you start to receive real payments through the PHP Wrapper payment module.