Payment solutions with PAYMILL


PAYMILL presents online payment solutions

Buyers and sellers from more than 34 countries are already satisfied with PAYMILL's high quality payment solutions. Buyers don’t need to register if they wish to process an online payment. This makes it very easy and convenient for buyers to purchase online. They just need to give the information that is required for the transfer and PAYMILL will make sure that the transaction will be processed following the highest security standards. Customers can therefore rely on PAYMILL when they want to purchase something online. Merchants will also benefit from many advantages by opting for PAYMILL’s payment solutions on their online shop. For example, merchants will be able to accept credit and debit card as a mean of payment.

Online payment system

Easy payments solutions with PAYMILL

In the past, most of the e-sellers had given up to integrate the online payment solution into their online shop because it was on the one hand too expensive, and on the other hand too difficult to implement it. There used to be problems regarding safety as well. Today it has become easier and safer, especially if you choose PAYMILL’s payment solutions. The registration and the implementation process are quite fast. With PAYMILL, sellers simply need to install the PAYMILL API on their online shop and they can start enjoying the benefits of online payment solutions.

Affordable online payment solutions

There are many providers offering payment solutions for online businesses but PAYMILL is different. PAYMILL provides merchants with high quality easy payment solutions at very attractive prices. Other providers require sellers to pay for the installation fee, monthly fees and other fees concerning money transferring. When choosing PAYMILL, none of these fees are required and prices per transaction are relatively competitive. Moreover, as a merchant you won’t have to pay fees for every payment because cancelled or interrupted transfers won’t be charged. With PAYMILL's payment solutions, you pay when you earn money.

This is a real advantage for you as a merchant. The online payment gateway PAYMILL is one of the best of its category and would be the perfect choice to make your online shop even more successful. Online payment solutions are easy, safe and affordable with PAYMILL, so you won’t have any trouble to install it on your website and to use it in your daily life. Your clients are going to be satisfied with this easiness of PAYMILL's platform and they will appreciate to process safe payments thanks to PAYMILL’s payment solutions.