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Secure payment methods with PAYMILL

A payment method is essential when one wants to sell online. To process payments online it is important to choose a high quality payment gateway. Indeed this provider can be very helpful because in order to process payments on the internet, it is necessary to convey your personal information and you bank account data. It means that is can be dangerous, especially because hackers are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate and steal private information during transactions. PAYMILL presents a payment method with guaranteed safety. PAYMILL's payment gateway uses the PCI-DSS and the most advanced security processes to secure transfers. Therefore, personal information is encrypted during the transaction so that no one can read private information even if they manage to intercept the data. Usually, to transfer money online, the buyer is redirected to the provider’s website and needs to register before completing their purchase. With PAYMILL’s payment method, customers remain on the website when processing a payment, but in reality, the information is transferred to a secured platform.

Online payment system

PAYMILL and the easy online payment method

The PAYMILL payment method has many advantages, but above all, it is very simple to use. The installation is simple and fast. Indeed with PAYMILL, merchants can receive payments two or three days after registering. This is the easiest and the fastest way to obtain a merchant account in Europe. Competitors generally require between two to six weeks to create a merchant account. The payment method provided by PAYMILL is based on customer satisfaction, so it is important that its members can start enjoying the online payment solution as soon as possible. Once the account is validated, merchants just need to install the PAYMILL API (application programming interface) on their website and to make a test before going live. This test is free of charge and enables merchants to be sure that the module has been correctly integrated into their online-shop. This is a safe way to ensure that the API is working properly and that there will not be any problems during the money transfers.

PAYMILL presents an efficient payment method

The payment method presented by the German payment provider PAYMILL has already convinced a lot of merchants. This solution is easy and safe and buyers can process payments without any worries. Merchants who want to offer the online payment solution to their clients can benefit from many advantages with the PAYMILL payment method. Customer service is also an important aspect of PAYMILL's values. Merchants can contact PAYMILL's hotline between 9.00 and 18.00 from Monday to Friday for a personal support. Customer services are available in Munich and London offices and they will directly answer any question or request you might have.

By choosing the PAYMILL payment method, merchants want to provide the best quality services to their clientele. Indeed, thanks to the payment gateway, clients can easily pay online without any registration required. PAYMILL also guarantees secure payments, so that buyers and sellers are are not afraid to process payments on the internet. PAYMILL and its payment method are the key to enjoy all the benefits of the online payment solution without any difficulties.