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digital:cube/Cooltra Motos case study

digital:cube was established in 2009 as an agency for internet applications and eBusiness solutions. It specialises in transaction-based services, individual booking platforms, custom shops and product search engines, while also offering customer-specific solutions.

Cooltra Motos

The Task

digital:cube manages the Spanish online marketplace for the scooter rental company Cooltra Motos with an individual booking engine. Cooltra Motos has become the market leader and currently has a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles at over 200 branches in southern Europe. Cooltra Motos did not initially have an online payment option. It then started to use PayPal and in July/August 2014, expanded the options to include credit card payment.

The Partnership

“While looking into another online payment service provider, we compared several providers, including a Spanish one. On testing the solutions, we found major differences in performance and quality”, recalls Jean Wichert, Managing Director of digital:cube. PAYMILL impressed with its simple and seamless integration and reliable functionality. A further decisive factor was that Cooltra Motos mainly has international customers and therefore wanted to find a provider that could meet the requirements created by cross-border obstacles. “To be honest, when you are dealing with a project like this, you do not want to take time to discuss problems. You want to talk about solutions! With PAYMILL, we were simply able to focus on the business logic. In this regard, having a personal contact person at PAYMILL makes working together productive and simple. And when a challenge arose, we were not brushed off. Instead, PAYMILL dealt with the matter directly. As such, working together is even fun!” Wichert summarises.

“The topic of online payment was suddenly no longer scary. Instead, it has even become a joy because it works as simply as it should do.”

Jean Wichert, Managing Director

The Result

As soon as PAYMILL was integrated, PayPal moved into position 2 as a payment option and credit card payment into position 1. Today, the picture is a clear one: 66% of people who make a booking pay for their Cooltra Motos scooter by credit card via PAYMILL.