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Online payments made easy with our API

Our API has been developed having your web business in mind. If you need to accept payments online, then our API will do the work for you: it is easy to integrate, easy to manage and your clients will love it. At PAYMILL, we are proud to say that it is the ultimate API for online payments.

Online payment system

How does the payment API help my website?

Having a shopping cart was enough in the past, now it is not anymore. Shopping cart abandonment is an issue which many eCommerce websites are suffering, and for which potential orders get lost.

These are some of the causes according to Shopify:

  • Website navigation is too complicated
  • Process was taking too long
  • Excessive payment security checks
  • Concerns about payment security
  • Price presented in a foreign currency

These causes can be easily avoided with our payment API: it is simple and easy to use, there is no risk for customers to get lost on redirections to external websites, it accepts up to 100 different currencies and it is fully secured.

Diminish risks, our payment API is safe and secured

When it comes to send money online or to pay online with an API, it is normal to have concerns about security. Our API operates with a secured payment system that is (and looks) safe. We offer you 3-D Secure, Level-2 PCI Compliance and 256-bit data encryption.

Of course, you do not only have to provide security to your clients. You also need to be protected against fraud, which is why your transactions are monitored constantly and checked against global black lists for fraudulent card numbers.

Easily integrate our payment API

When we developed our API we wanted to make it easy to integrate. That is why we offer 4 different ways of integration:

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