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Mobile payments: Have they come to stay?

This is the truth: mobile internet has changed the rules of the game. While e-Commerce used to be only desktop-based, now mobile platforms have become and are becoming more and more important. It is not sufficient anymore to just have a website. Online retailers and businesses start to see the opportunities in the already well-developed smart phone market.

The mobile market has its own ways. While desktop-based e-Commerce lets customers make their purchases and online payments via websites, on mobile e-Commerce the payments take place via apps which is called in-app payments.

Mobile payments

Reasons to integrate in-app payments

Smart phones and tablets have become a day-to-day tool. We use them at home, on the subway, at coffee shops or wherever we like. They are the passport and gateway to the internet when there is not a desktop option (and even if there is). Being able to process online payments directly on your app is the key to adapt to the e-Commerce market trends. Western Europe had 196.6 million smart phone users in 2014, with a market share of 50%. Go mobile is a must for online businesses.

Why integrate in-app purchases with PAYMILL?

  • It is easy to integrate: in-app payments can be directly integrated into you app with our Mobile SDKs, both for iOS and Android.
  • It is simple: having a user-friendly checkout is key to monetize your app. With PAYMILL, your clients will make payments directly on your app, without any redirections or HTML.
  • It is fully customizable: in-app payments checkout should be simple and quick, your clients will be able to make one-tap in-app purchases.
  • It is secure: your customer data is protected by our highly encrypted communication and PCI DSS compliance. Your customers’ data is securely stored on our servers.
  • It is global: apps have spread globally, why not accept global payments? Attract customers from around the world and process up to 100 currencies.
  • It is for you: whether you offer physical or virtual goods, our mobile payment solution allows you to process mobile payments. We are as mobile as you are.

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