Mobile credit card payment with PAYMILL

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About mobile credit card payment

Mobile credit card payment is a payment solution that appeared a few years ago on the market. It enables buyers to process payments simply using their mobile phone or their tablet. Indeed those devices have become the new wallet. People only need to own a device that is equipped with this technology and they will be able to process payments anywhere. However, this mean of payment has not been unanimously accepted yet because it is still not 100% safety. Mobile credit card processing can indeed be risky because mobile phones are nowadays easily hacked, so personal and bank data can be put into risk. This is why it should be safer to continue using the online payment solution until the mobile credit card processing can be improved.

Credit card payments

PAYMILL: a virtual terminal for mobile credit card processing

Mobile credit card processing has been introduced, but most of the buyers are still using online credit card processing. PAYMILL, the German payment provider enables sellers and customers to transfer money online without any difficulty. PAYMILL is what we call as the  virtual terminal for credit card processing. Four parties are involved in the credit card processing: two banks and both of their clients (the sellers and the buyer). However, in order to transfer funds from one bank account to another, a virtual terminal is required, that is to say PAYMILL. Online credit card processing services is easy when provided by PAYMILL.

Fast and secure online credit card processing thanks to PAYMILL

Online credit card processing is quite complicated to achieve, but thanks to PAYMILL, anyone can enjoy numerous advantages such as simplicity and safety. Each user can easily understand how PAYMILL works and how to use its credit card processing module. Merchants and clients must be able to transfer money fast and without any worries. That is why PAYMILL is taking care of the different steps until the seller can install the API on its online shop and start receiving payments. To be able to accept online credit card processing, it is necessary that PAYMILL opens a merchant account for the e-seller, and that this one becomes PCI-DSS compliant. This process is compulsory for any vendors who want to receive online payments. It usually takes some time before one get this authorization. Merchants who are using PAYMILL will be pleased because the payment gateway works together with different

PCI-DSS certified partners, and they can deliver this authorization faster than usual. And this way, customers will be quickly able to use secure online credit card processing to pay on your online shop.

The transaction is not only safe and guaranteed in your country but also in 33 other ones. Thanks to the payment provider PAYMILL, it is possible for foreign customers to safely purchase online and without any difficulty because PAYMILL is using the most developed security processes and guarantees the safety or your transfers. With PAYMILL, it becomes very easy for merchants to increase sales and to enlarge their clientele beyond borders.  PAYMILL will provide high-quality services in terms of online and mobile credit card payments for your business.