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PAYMILL: a merchant service provider

Merchant services are the name given to financial transactions that involve online credit or debit card payment. PAYMILL is what we call an online payment provider, that is to say that it enables sellers to accept credit or debit card payments on their website. Nowadays, it is very important to offer diverse means of payment when you open an e-commerce. A huge number of clients like process payments in many different ways. Online merchant service is a fast and efficient way to transfer money worldwide without having to type your bank data every time you need to pay for something. When you sign in, you will have to create a PAYMILL account and to give all the information required. Once it is done, PAYMILL has everything that is needed to process payments. In the future, you will only need to decide on the amount and the recipient of the transaction. You won’t have to worry about the transfer itself. Merchant services can be very useful, for both sellers and buyers, and thanks to PAYMILL everyone can access and benefit from those services.

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Merchant services are easy with PAYMILL

Merchant services involve credit or debit card online transactions and it is a very complicated process. However, thanks to PAYMILL, anyone can use them. Indeed many different steps are necessary before you are able to pay or to receive money online; for instance, as a merchant you need to be PCI-DSS compliant. PAYMILL takes care of everything for you and will take care of the merchant account services for you. With most of online payment providers, you need to create a merchant account before you register on their website. PAYMILL gives everyone a chance and allow every merchant to ask for an account. Once the payment module is installed on your online shop, you can start receiving payments without any problems. This module is quite simple to use for you and for your clients, who appreciate the easiness of payments on your online shop. PAYMILL makes merchant services very easy.

PAYMILL: merchant services at affordable prices

When you look at the financial aspect of merchant services, you might be a little confused because tariffs vary according to the provider you choose, and it is not all the time possible to know exactly what you are supposed to pay to benefit from those services. In most of the cases, when you subscribe to merchant services at a payment provider you need to pay for the set up fee. Additionally, you have to pay a special amount every month and also for each transaction. PAYMILL does not work like that. Sellers will not pay any installation fee or monthly fee. Price transparency is very important to PAYMILL. Moreover, only successful transactions will be paid by the seller (that is to say that any interrupted or cancelled transfer will not be charged).

PAYMILL provides merchant services to online shop owners. Therefore, it offers a simple and affordable solution that will enable any seller to receive online debit or credit card payments while benefitting from the highest standards of security during transactions. International merchant services are also provided by PAYMILL, as it is possible to pay in more than 34 countries and to use 100 different currencies. So, if you want to get the best merchant services and to increase customer satisfaction, you should choose PAYMILL.