Using PAYMILL in your LemonStand online store

Using PAYMILL as your LemonStand payment method is easy. You simply navigate to your e-commerce settings within your store back-end and find PAYMILL under the “Payment Methods” dropdown. Then copy and paste your PAYMILL live API keys into the correct field.

LemonStand is a fully customisable e-commerce platform, aimed at allowing merchants complete control over the whole store, including the checkout. Using PAYMILL as your payment method allows for you to fully benefit from PAYMILL’s extensive security measures, including 3-D Secure which helps protect you from fraudulent activity and lowers chargebacks.

Paloma Blue - a LemonStand and PAYMILL merchant

About LemonStand

LemonStand is an eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quo. These entrepreneurs need a flexible platform that can be highly customized to support their vision whether it includes a unique interactive design, digital products, subscriptions or something else.

These entrepreneurs are on a mission to stand out and grow quickly, and regular off-the-shelf platforms can’t be taken far enough. They need customization over the entire shopping experience, including the checkout, and the ability to optimize the sales funnel using modern analytics and A/B testing tools. That’s where LemonStand shines.


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Danny Halarewich, CEO of LemonStand