How do I get started with online payments?

How do I get started with online payments?

Once you've registered on PAYMILL’s website, you get access to your own account where test mode is enabled by default.

What is Test Mode?

Test mode allows you to try out PAYMILL without having to use any real money. You can integrate PAYMILL with your website or mobile application while using your own custom designed checkout, and use test keys within your project to check that everything works.

What are the next steps?

Before you can make live transactions, your business first needs to be approved by our partner acquiring bank. We take care of setting up a merchant account for you with our partner acquiring bank, who are authorised by Visa, MasterCard etc. to process your online payments.

1. Confirm your email address

In order to exchange bank requirements and set-up information, it’s important we have accurate contact details so we can activate your PAYMILL account as quickly as possible.

2. Can we work with you?

We are working hard on offering payments in as many different countries, and as many different business models as possible. Sadly, there are some very specific business models or countries that we are currently unable to support, although we are working hard to change this. When you sign up, and complete the activation form, we assess your account based on the information you provide.

3. We set up a merchant account on your behalf

The next step that happens requires some additional information from you, about you, the business and other directors of the business (if applicable). As with every other bank account and in order to meet anti-money-laundering regulations, our partner acquiring banks require some documents for identity checks and proof of business. Based on the information provided by you, you will be asked to upload supporting documents. In some rare cases we will kindly ask you to send in selected physical copies of documents.

4. You review and sign the contract

In order to establish our business relationship, you will receive a contract in which the PAYMILL conditions and those of our partner banks are stated for you to confirm. As mentioned before, we will have a running contract but no fees will be charged as long as you are not processing live transactions.

5. Technical integration

Once you're on board, our documentation and support team can help you to set up either the REST API connection or simple integration through a partner plugin or ecommerce software. You can also find an experienced web agency or freelancer by using our partner portal