Credit Card Processing with PAYMILL

Processing Credit Card Payments with PAYMILL

When you go to your favourite shop and you want to pay using your credit or debit card it is a simple process: the vendor has a physical POS for bank card processing and uses it to read your credit card’s data. This terminal will ask the bank if the payment can be processed or not and then will accept the transaction if it is approved. The situation is the same when you need to process credit cards online using a payment service provider: PAYMILL acts as an online POS and it will make the transaction possible whenever a client wants to make an online purchase. Does this sound good to you? All you need to do get started is sign up and integrate our REST API. Once you have taken these simple steps you will be able to start processing online payments: PAYMILL is indeed an easy payment solution.

PAYMILL: worldwide credit card processing

PAYMILL offers easy payment solutions in many different countries: the Internet is global and so should be your business. Accepting international payments is a primal factor when fighting shopping card abandonment: when your clients want to make an online purchase, they will be more willing to fulfil it when they can use their favourite payment method, like Visa credit cards, MasterCard or American Express (among others). They will also expect to be able to pay in their own currency. If these conditions are not met, some customers will probably cancel and abandon their online purchases.

With PAYMILL it is possible to process payments from all over the world in up to 100 different currencies in more than 34 countries: your clients will be able to process with ease their online payments with full-security and with no redirections, so your conversions will increase and your shopping cart abandonment will be reduced. With PAYMILL’s payment solution, online payments are made easy.

Credit card processing and customer satisfaction with PAYMILL

PAYMILL’s payment API integration is simple and quick: whether you need to process payments on your website or you need to enable in-app payments on your iOS or Android app, we have simple tools to integrate in few easy steps our payment gateway.

Credit card processing means price transparency with PAYMILL: you will only pay for successfully closed transactions with no setup, monthly or any additional fees.