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Credit card merchant services, what is it?

Credit card merchant services can seem to be difficult to understand when you don’t know what they involve. But in reality the concept is very simple. It simply implies that each credit card payment is processed online using your credit or debit card. Most of the people think that it is a very complicated process, but it is not that different from the traditional credit card payment. Indeed, in both cases, five participants are involved. On one side, there is the seller and his bank and on the other side the buyer and his bank too. In order to process the payment, they need to use what we call a terminal. When you go to the supermarket, you can also make use of credit card payment merchant services and the terminal that you use is real. It reads the information on the credit card and allows the money to be transfered from one bank to the other. It is exactly the same process with online credit card payment merchant services, except that in this case the terminal is virtual and is called a payment provider. PAYMILL is one of the top payment providers that offers high-quality credit card merchant services.

Credit card payments

Security is vital when using credit card merchant services

It might be easy to understand and to use credit card merchant services; however it is necessary to always focus on the safety aspect. Processing payments on the internet is not always secured. Both sellers and buyers need to find a partner that can guarantee the safety of transactions. PAYMILL is certified and focuses on providing secured transfers. PAYMILL works in partnership with different PCI-DSS certified partners and uses different secured processes to guarantee payments. PAYMILL is also offering 3-D Secure, a protocol used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. This is another authentication and safety step for online payments. PAYMILL values and implements the highest security standards and is constantly working on improving them. Thanks to the use of credit card merchant services, clients and e-sellers only need to convey their bank account information only once to PAYMILL. In the future, when the client needs to process a payment, he just needs to give PAYMILL the name and amount of the transaction.

Paying abroad thanks to credit card payment merchant services

The payment provider PAYMILL offers many advantages to merchants and buyers. Indeed, besides the safety of transactions, it also provides a very intuitive and easy to use system through its payment module. Credit card merchant services are not only available in your country, but in 33 others as well. So, it becomes even easier to sell abroad and to try to enlarge your clientele. Thanks to PAYMILL, it is possible to pay in 100 different currencies. As a buyer, you can therefore buy on many websites outside of your home country, and still benefit from the same advantages (safety, easiness, and costs).

Choosing PAYMILL as your payment provider is the right decision to make. PAYMILL provides credit card merchant services to those who want to offer a new mean of payment on their online shop, or simply to those who wants to process safe transactions on the internet. To benefit from PAYMILL, all you need to do is to register online and to follow a couple of easy steps. PAYMILL will help you through each phase until you can finally enjoy safe credit card merchant services.