Shop requirements

Customers need to know about your policies

Display your policies clearly and make your Terms & Conditions easy to read

Shipping Policy

List shipping destinations and methods available, and how much it costs. Display what your average delivery time is and make sure you inform your customers on any additional taxes or fees that might be applied.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

State refund criteria clearly with a time frame and other conditions and limitations, e.g. 14 days in EU, except digital and customised goods. Make sure you show your contact details for customers can send back their goods. Also be clear on what customers need to do to cancel the order.

Return of Goods Policy

Explain under which conditions goods can be returned and how they should be sent back (method of shipment, packaging, etc.). Also don’t forget to provide an address and explain what customers are entitled when returning goods (refund, exchange of item, etc.).

Privacy Policy

Provide a link to your privacy policy whenever you're asking for personal details. Explain clearly what information is saved, transferred to a third-party, used for statistics, advertising, etc. Also give your customers an email they can contact to request the deletion of their personal information.

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PAYMILL allows you to accept credit and debit card payments (VISA and MasterCard) directly in your WIX website. Online businesses are able to accept online payments globally, enabling them to scale internationally from the get-go. With heavy-duty security measures already built-in – you can rest easy knowing your data secured.

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