Simplelogistik Case Study

The offer of shipping solutions and shipping providers is enormous - and for end-customers sheer too much to source out the best. But it is also difficult for small and medium-sized companies to find the right shipping company. This is where the shipping portal discovered a niche: With the shipping calculator, shipping becomes very easy and always remains fair and inexpensive. trusts in PAYMILL for their payment processing.


When founding in 2011, Francesco Spataro´s objective was to provide simple and uncomplicated shipping solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Amongst the large number of logistic companies, users should be able to find the cheapest provider with the best service offer. Particularly private customers are often rejected because in the case of a one-time dispatch, the administrative costs are too high for many shipping providers. The platform therefore connects the sender of shipping goods with his desired provider: With just a few clicks the user can calculate the transport price and place the shipping order directly. All this is done in just a few minutes and is completed with modern and secure payment options like PayPal, Klarna and Direct Debit.


„A particular challenge was to make the shipping calculator as simple and uncomplicated as possible,” says Spataro. It was important to the founder that even an absolute shipping beginner could easily and intuitively use the platform and thus get a real added value. Combined with the helpful packaging tips and the step-by-step instructions, this has been realized in a very good manner.


Finding a good and cheap payment provider for SEPA direct debits was not easy for Francesco Spataro. On the one hand, the price was a crucial element, on the other hand, the payment solution had to be perfectly implemented to its platform, the bank and the accounting. The PAYMILL API has been able to fulfill his requirements perfectly.

“With PAYMILL we found a great solution. Especially because the API interface allows such a simple integration. We are delighted to have chosen PAYMILL”, says Francesco Spataro.


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