MOROTAI Case Study

MOROTAI is the new sports label for true warriors, which brings our fighting qualities to light and inspires us to sporting excellence. The sports fashion brand has chosen PAYMILL to ensure that the payment process is also very high-performing and safe.


MOROTAI was named after an Indonesian island, which was defended by a Japanese warrior in the second world war. This willpower inspired the young designer Rafi Ahmed to create sporting styles, whose design, elegance and functionality allows everyone to overcome their own limits and achieve top performance. Since the founder himself is a passionate athlete, Morotai has actually emerged from his own needs. “As a passionate athlete, I have always been faced with the problem of never having the perfect clothing for my sporting activities. This is mainly due to the fact that I personally have a very high aesthetic appeal to my clothes, but also do not want to miss the functionality. In addition, I run different sports and I would not like to set as such. I regularly go to the gym, play basketball and tennis, and have two strength-endurance units a week. So I need clothes that work for the popular sports, are stylish and make my workouts easier. There was no such thing in the market so far and the idea for MOROTAI was born with the design study in his pocket.”


With the high standards Rafi Ahmed placed on the quality of his products, it was a great challenge to find a suitable production that is capable of executing his design philosophy. For this, the MOROTAI team had to search for productions and partners in some countries who would go the way of the new brand with him. Finally, a production was found, which could transform the creative designer’s wishes without a language barrier into perfect products.


The noble shop, in which MOROTAI presents its purist and high-quality sports looks, runs on the shop system WooCommerce. For this, a payment provider had to be found, which can easily and securely be integrated into the shop via a plugin. “The PAYMILL Merchant Center convinced us especially by ist user experience. In addition, PAYMILL has offered us very good conditions with the card payments.”


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