Boneka Case Study

For over 30 years now, the manufactory Boneka, headquartered in Braunfels produces handmade doll fashion and leather doll shoes in perfect quality. Emerging from a social project initiated by Otto and Rosemarie Ionker, the family-owned company Boneka is well known in the international doll market. In the recently launched online shop, Boneka Tradition chose or PAYMILL as his payment service provider.


To this day, Rosemarie Ionker, qualified fashion designer and master tailor, designs unique and unmistakable doll fashion. She revives traditional handicraft techniques such as smoking and embroidery. In this tradition, women in Indonesia, who have been there since the beginning, manufacture doll clothing for the long-established company.

In 1995 the daughter Claudia Ionker founded the Boneka Puppenmoden GmbH and took over the sales - and made Boneka a brand, which is an integral part of the doll world. Now Boneka has been successfully represented in the international doll market for over 30 years and has become a brand that every doll collector knows today.

In 2014, sales of Boneka Tradition in Germany were handed over to Claudia Hillesheim, long-time friend of the family. To this day, the family business collaborates with the most well-known international doll artists, whereby tailor-made dresses and shoes have always been adapted to the most popular dolls on the market.


For payment processing in their online shop, Boneka has chosen PAYMILL to offer its customers a personalized payment method in two currencies: Euro and US Dollars.

“Based in Germany with international customers worldwide, we were looking for a payment model that meets all customer requirements,” says the Managing Director. Many customers in Germany today still prefer bank transfers and direct banking, while customers in the US like to pay by credit card in addition to PayPal. In order to fulfill this requirement, a payment provider was needed who is familiar with the German-speaking market and can serve the international market.

“PAYMILL was the ideal solution for us! Because PAYMILL not only offers the payment methods preferred by our customers, but also guarantees the security that we owe our customers as a company,” says a delighted Claudia Hillesheim.


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