xt:Commerce payments and PAYMILL

Installation of xt:Commerce payments

xt:Commerce payments are offering a simple and fast solution to integrate the credit card payment solution into merchants’ websites. Moreover the xt:Commerce payment module can be configured following the merchant’s needs and demands. Therefore, they can find lists of plug-ins, software extensions and API libraries available for free on PAYMILL´s website. Everyone can access the advantages of xt:Commerce payments and benefit from them.

With PAYMILL, xt:Commerce payments are profitable and safe

PAYMILL and xt:Commerce payment methods are developed in accordance with the current safety measures that are implemented, and thereby merchants and buyers are guaranteed to benefit from the highest level of safety in terms of money transfer. The buyer can choose among a large choice of means of payment thanks to the xt:Commerce payment module, and the customer service is particularly efficient and attentive to any request. In other words, not only merchants will like and benefit from the xt:Commerce payment method and its offer to process credit card payments online in complete safety, but buyers will be satisfied as well.

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