OpenCart payments means
credit card payments

Safe transactions using the OpenCart payments

OpenCart payments are offering; thanks to PAYMILL; the possibility to process financial transactions and also online credit card payments without any trouble. The current safety standards are strictly respected and followed by the OpenCart payment method, so that customers and merchants can benefit from the highest security level when they decide to process payments. Prices are very affordable and e-commerce owners are privileged because they will only pay for the money transfers that are indeed completed. Indeed when they choose the OpenCart payment module, they do not have to pay for the transactions that are aborted or interrupted by the buyer and thereby, they only have to pay when their sales increase.

The easy set up of the OpenCart payment module

The OpenCart payment methods can be integrated very easily into an e-commerce shop website. Directly on PAYMILL´s online page, it is possible to find diverse plug-ins, extensions and API libraries, so that merchants can personalize their interface following their needs and expectations. Parameters can indeed be adjusted and the installation can be individually realized. For instance, the Pay-Button can have different aspects and be personalized. Thanks to OpenCart payments and their modern and reliable solutions, it becomes very easy to pay online or to receive money through an e-commerce Shop.

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