Payment Module

Drupal Payments

Drupal payments or credit card payments

Drupal payments with PAYMILL allow you to transfer money fast, without any trouble, and above all at affordable costs. One of the main advantages of the Drupal payment method would be the possibility to pay online via credit or debit card. This solution is very easy to set up on your website, and it is needless to say that the current safety measures are taken into account and respected by the provider. Thanks to the Drupal payment method, the merchant only pays for the transactions that are successful, and that guarantees him an affordable price in the end, because he only has to pay from the moment he earns money.

Drupal payment is easy to install

Another advantage of the Drupal payment module is clearly the easiness of use for the buyer. For instance, the customer can plan and process online payments via credit or debit card easily whenever he wants and he can rely on the safety of transactions because with PAYMILL money is transferred following the safety norms. On the other side, merchants do not need to invest much in order to be able to install the Drupal module on their website, so this can be a huge advantage for them.