Credit card processing is PAYMILL’s asset

Easy credit card payment processing thanks to PAYMILL

Credit card processing is a term that can appear a little difficult to understand but it is actually very simple. When you go to your favorite shop and you want to pay using your credit or your debit card, it is simple: the vendor has a specific terminal for credit card processing and uses it to read the data on you card. This terminal will ask the bank if the payment can be processed or not and then will finish the process if it gets the approval. The situation is the same when you need to pay online using a payment provider. In this case PAYMILL stands for the virtual terminal for payments and as such, it will make the transaction possible whenever a buyer wants to process a payment. The merchant needs to be registered and to own a merchant account by PAYMILL. Before receiving payments, he has to integrate the PAYMILL API into his online-shop. Then clients can pay online via credit card processing and the seller will benefit from automatic invoicing with PAYMILL.

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PAYMILL: worldwide credit card processing

PAYMILL offers the credit card processing (online payment solution) in many different countries. It is a very interesting aspect for merchants who want to enlarge their clientele and to reach foreign markets. Indeed now that globalization has started, each country is connected to the others, and it is particularly true in Europe. People want to buy abroad or to be able to purchase whatever they want, no matter if it is local production or not. Thanks to PAYMILL it is possible to receive payments from 38 countries and customers can pay using more than 100 different currencies. This point is essential because when they want to purchase, buyers appreciate to use the mean of payment they are the most comfortable with. That is to say that most of them will choose online credit card processing and will expect to be able to pay in their own currency and they will probably cancel their purchase if they have to convert themselves or to change money. Using PAYMILL, this will not be a problem anymore because the payment provider is already installed in different countries and trusted by customers around the world. Credit card payment processing can take place everywhere.

Credit card processing and customer satisfaction with PAYMILL

German payment gateway PAYMILL takes customer satisfaction very seriously and this is the reason why it provides high quality services in terms of credit card processing. Merchants can integrate the payment method very easily and they don’t need to invest a lot of money. Indeed they will be pleased to know that installation fee and monthly fee do not exist with PAYMILL. Credit card processing means price transparency with PAYMILL. The merchant only pay for the transfers that bring in money (so he does not pay for the cancelled or interrupted transactions).

Affordable prices, easiness, speed of the processing, accepting payments in different currencies; PAYMILL is a payment gateway that presents many advantages to its members. Buyers will also be satisfied with the simplicity of use of the PAYMILL module when they need to pay via credit card processing.