PAYMILL enables smooth Mobile Payments with Mobile SDK


PAYMILL, the innovative payment service provider, introduced PAYMILL Mobile SDK for iOS and Android today. By doing so, PAYMILL picks up a Euro-wide trend: A shift from retail to mobile commerce. According to the eMarketer Report 2013, nearly 50% of Europeans already possess a smartphone and the numbers of people who purchase items via their mobile devices increases constantly. PAYMILL Mobile SDK is a great all-in-one solution that provides the best customer experience of mobile in-app payments.

Mark Henkel (@mrkhnkl), CEO and Co-Founder of PAYMILL: “With PAYMILL Mobile SDK, we respond to our customers’ requests for an easy way to integrate payments into one’s app. From now on, customers can directly pay inside the app very fast and easily, without having the need to leave the app to pay. Thereby, we close the gap in the mobile “check out chain” and enable merchants to provide the best mobile payment experience to their customers. And the best thing: Mobile SDK users can design the check-out processes according to their own preferences so that they are not bound to a fixed template. Essentially, Mobile SDK is the perfect way to use mobile as a revenue stream to make mobile customers happy.”

With Mobile SDK, PAYMILL adds another payment application to the already existing intuitive and developer friendly application programming interface (API). This enables merchants to integrate payments according to their needs. The customer-oriented solutions as well as the rapid on-boarding process, the highest security standards, the broad offer of more than 100 currencies and the transparent pricing all combined with comprehensive and friendly customer service sets PAYMILL apart from other payment service providers. PAYMILL is the first provider to have brought this simple, user friendly online payment solution to Europe.