Europe-wide cooperation: PAYMILL becomes e-payment partner of Comvation


The software firm, Comvation, is entering into a collaboration with the internationally established payment services provider, PAYMILL, and is building a payment solution interface into its content management system, Contrexx. As a web service provider, Comvation helps online vendors in successfully integrating e-payment solutions. Therefore, Contrexx customers in Germany in particular and internationally oriented Swiss customers of the web content management system will receive a strong upgrade, in order to integrate payment options into websites and online shops.

PAYMILL offers a comfortable, fast, and secure solution for the handling of digital transactions. As a result, internet service providers cannot only offer various payment methods, but also select their preferred currency by themselves. In a few simple steps, the e-payment interface can be configured in the in-house web content management system, Contrexx.

„E-payment is an important concern of our customers. With PAYMILL we can sensibly complete our range of offers and could simultaneously gain a strong partner for the international sphere“, says Ivan Schmid, CEO of Comvation.

„We are proud to have won another established and innovative partner in the field of e-commerce. Through the partnership, we can establish and further consolidate on our leading position in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy“, according to Jörg Sutara, CMO of PAYMILL.

About Comvation AG
Comvation AG was founded in 2007 and has hitherto sold more than 65,000 software licenses for Contrexx through over 300 distribution partners in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Therefore, the company belongs to the leading manufacturers of content management systems. Top-flight customers like Swisscom, PostFinance, AVIA Germany, Mercedes, SC Bern, OSEC Switzerland, FC Thun AG, Ski World Cup Wengen, or Sanitas Toesch count on the system. Apart from that, Comvation, in cooperation with its partners, has implemented over 1,800 web projects for its customers. About 30 employees currently work for Comvation. The head office is in Thun. In addition to that, Comvation has an office in Zurich and a branch office in Chur.

About Contrexx
The central and sector-independent website management and e-commerce solution for companies and platforms of any size � content management, CRM, online shop and email marketing is combined into a single software. The software, based on PHP technology, offers a complete set of integrated applications for creating and administering websites, intranets, community sites and ecommerce solutions. Contrexx is open source and supports mobile software and apps (multi-channeling), search engine optimizations, email marketing, document management, online marketing applications, e-payment, multilingual websites, and 20 other built-in applications. A free open source version, a non-profit license, and three commercial editions are available from Contrexx. With over 65,000 installations, Contrexx is the leading Swiss Content Management Software.