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Get API Keys

You will need two keys to be able to use PAYMILL. Log into your Merchant Centre to get your public and private keys.

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Public Key
This key is visible on your payment form and therefore can be seen by third parties. You use the public key to create a token for your customer’s credit card with our JavaScript bridge. More on that below.

Private Key
As soon as you have received the token, you can make a payment (transaction) – usually at the end of the order process – with our API. You have to indicate your private key every time you submit a request to our API.

Step 3

Payment Form

Find a HTML/PHP example of integrating our PAYMILL API below. More information on our payment form, API reference and our integration libraries for different programming languages (Java, JS, .NET, PHP, Ruby).

Step 4

Create transaction

Process token in the backend / create transaction.

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Monetise Your Hack With PAYMILL’s API

The team with the most creative use of the API wins a Pebble watch for each of their members.

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API Reference

Documentation and guides helping you to get started with the PAYMILL API.

API Reference


Documentation and guides helping you to get started with the PAYMILL API.

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